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BuildTeam is a tech start-up with multiple projects under its management such as the Minnowbooster and the Steemvoter. The company focuses on providing sidechain services and custom applications that compliment the Steemit social networking ecosystem and other blockchain-based networks. The BuildTeam token (BT) is used to compensate the staff who can then bid for a percentage of the company's profits in STEEM through a monthly auction process or sell their tokens on the Bitshares DEX. Steem is distributed on a proportional basis depending on how much each participant bids.

Веб-сайт open_in_new
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Тип доказательства
Цена открытия $1 13
Минимум $0 95
Максимум $1 42
Цена в BTC 0.00002858435969 BTC
Текущее количество 195 504 BT
Общее Предложение 1 000 000 BT
Рыночная капитализация $269 238
Объем 24ч (в монетах) 315 839 BT
Объем 24ч (в валюте) $434 957
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